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The Songs:

1. No Rest Part III

2. Wind

3. Aim To Please

4. Interference

5. Conversing with the Dead

6. In

7. Can

8. Wait

9. Go Away

10. Motion Sickness


Conversing with the Dead


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Ultimate Backward

Quotes from the USA Progressive Music review of ULTIMATE BACKWARD...

"No Rest Part III starts off the album with some beautiful liquid keyboard sounds exploding into an interesting guitar section which glides into the vocals effortlessly...

"Conversing with the Dead is a fantastic Prog classic...some heavy sounding guitar interspersed with an almost Talking Heads approach to the vocals. This is really unexpected but works really well.

"In starts with a beautiful string intro leading into a trance riff which is track 7 Can and a strange vocal then takes you into a new area, almost Funk / Prog but much more interesting...

"Motion Sickness is very clever indeed. A kind of sleasy beat...which then explodes into a fantastic solo piece and a great epic sounding outro.

"This is a very thought provoking album by a duo who definitely punches a hole through the more established forms of Prog and creates their own sound."

Gravity Tree: Ultimate Backward

Highlights of the Progscape review...

"No Rest Part III opens ULTIMATE BACKWARD with a wash of ambient synth pads. The reverie is quickly dissipated with a burst of fuzzed guitar, organ tones, and skittering drumming. The variety of styles is nice...

"...when Gravity Tree has all their horses pulling in the same direction, the results are very enjoyable...Motion Sickness does exhibit some very hot playing during its instrumental sections. Wind offers up some nice Jethro Tull-like acoustic pastoral moods, which evolve into a slightly more traditional classical feel during the short instrumental interlude. Aim To Please opens with heavy synth organ and powerful drum/bass interplay before pulling back to vocals and acoustic guitar in a comfortable and natural manner. And Interference feels very much like a Flower Kings track, with its mid-tempo groove, prominent keyboards, and anthemic, chiming guitars...

"...obviously incredibly talented players. There is not a single thing I can complain about with regard to their instrumental skills."

Ultimate Backward

Prog website Sea of Tranquility reviews ULTIMATE BACKWARD

"No band other than a progressive-rock outfit would be so bold as to open its second CD with a song called No Rest Part III.

"...This is dense, majestic stuff..."

"Consider Conversing With the Dead Gravity Tree's foray into progressive punk - albeit with a retro, Britsh new-wave vibe and an acoustic-guitar break. It's one of the coolest tracks on a record that also features studio version of live Gravity Tree favorites, including Can (also known as The Funk Tune), Go Away, Motion Sickness and the band's brief live intro piece In"

"...if you're seeking modern, indie prog with traditional might want to set your ears underneath Gravity Tree and wait for something special to fall."














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Ultimate Backward
























Ultimate Backward on Slacker

*12/01/14 - Those who use Slacker for their web music and streaming needs can find us here.

Specifically, you can find the album ULTIMATE BACKWARD

UPDATE: 05/26/15 - It appears Slacker has updated their site since our original posting late last year.
If the links above are not working, try this new link to ULTIMATE BACKWARD:

Free CWTD Download for Halloween

*10/29/14 - Some of you have noticed Gravity Tree on the various social networks as we promote our seasonally appropriate song, Conversing with the Dead (aka CWTD). We didn't write it that way; it just seems to fall into the Halloween camp.

The new material is still being hatched as it were. Meanwhile, we thought we'd share CWTD with our friends and fans who might not have grabbed it here or have yet to own the album on which it originally appeared, ULTIMATE BACKWARD.

So if you're already on our email list (or sign up quick!), you'll be able to get a free download of CWTD. Just head over to our page at ReverbNation to download Conversing with the Dead or use this link:

It's a small way of doing something for Halloween for our friends and fans to say "thanks".

(Full disclaimer: The download is the original version of CWTD. If you want the 2011 remastered hi-resolution version, it's on BandCamp for just a buck; we couldn't work out the freebie there and can't post the hi-rez stuff with ReverbNation yet.)

This freebie is only offered through Halloween (October 31st) at which time it turns into a pumpkin? don't delay.

To recap:

Conversing with the Dead. FREE MP3. Now through Friday midnight PDT.

We hope those doing the Halloween thing will have a safe and happy one - well, if you want a happy Halloween - maybe you go for the trick instead of the treat?...

Gravity Tree @ Beats Music

*08/29/14 - So the story goes like this:

Gravity Tree were on a site called MOG, and had all the currently released music up there. One day recently that changed: MOG was taken over by the company that runs Beats Music; in an unexpected twist, they decided to keep all of this #ProgRock noise online. Does that mean Gravity Tree is trendy?
Beats Music

The main Gravity Tree page on Beats Music:

...and the short url:

A short url for Ultimate Backward on Beats:

BTW our earlier album Life or Dessert? is getting pretty hard to find as it is out-of-print, so while you may not be able to buy a CD, you can still download it, or now go to Beats and listen.

The short url for Life or Dessert? at Beats:

#GravityTree @ Google Play

*07/15/14 - Yes there is even a hashtag in the title - what is it all coming to?!
Google Play

To the point: our Prog-Rock album Ultimate Backward has its very own page on Google Play:

Full disclosure: the music has been on Google Play for quite a while, but this writer only recently realized the omission here. (Of course friends and fans who are subscribed to the newsletter have known since the music posted there.)

Ultimate Backward on Xbox Music

*07/06/14 - Our #ProgRock album Ultimate Backward has its very own page on Xbox Music:

Gravity Tree @ Xbox

Here's the short URL:

Hear the whole album or just your favorite tracks (!).
Do us a favor and share it with your peeps using their "share" button - if you would be so kind...

More new links will be posted here soon, as well as news on the work-in-progress songs we'll be dropping this year.
You can also read (and subscribe to) the newsletter, which just posted. Listed in the latest edition are quite a few new places to hear our music.
We'll be getting as much of our back catalog up on Xbox Music ASAP.

Ultimate Backward Now Playing on Rdio

*06/23/14 - Our #progrock album Ultimate Backward can now be heard on Rdio! 


If you don't have a Rdio account already, accounts are free and you can listen to the entire album!
We'll have more music over there very soon. Also expect some brand new music from Gravity Tree later this year...

Wait Added to SoundCloud

*05/19/14 - You can now find our song Wait on our SoundCloud playlist. The instrumental also has its own page.
Or, follow the link here:

You can also check out our SoundCloud player (in a previous post, below) - you'll see it added.

BTW we're currently at work on a new song for release later this summer. Head over to the page for more details about the piece as it develops in the next few weeks...

Help Us Promote Wait

*04/09/14 - Help Gravity Tree get noisy!
Gravity Tree is trying a song promotion and you can help out...

Tell Atlas Radio / that you want to hear our prog noise in the stores they provide music for.
(Just think, a proggy-rock instrumental playing while you're shopping or whatever...)

To help the band make the cut, just post to their Facebook wall,
and request the instrumental song, Wait, by Gravity Tree.   
Here's where to post:

(Since you're at the site, you most likely already know that
Wait originally appeared on our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD,
and you can listen to the song here;
or listen to the song on Spotify.)

You can also Re-Tweet our original Twitter post about the promo, which is here.
Thank you for your support!

2 Songs from Ultimate Backward on SoundCloud

*03/26/14 - Gravity Tree songs Aim to Please and Interference, both from ULTIMATE BACKWARD, can now be heard on SoundCloud. Also on SoundCloud is Building, a crossover-prog piece from the forthcoming Gravity Tree album...

Interference is on YouTube

Ultimate Backward - FLAC, MP3-320

*05/11/13 - Ultimate Backward is now available for download in higher resolution MP3-320 and FLAC formats. You can get individual songs, or the complete album HERE:

We know for many of you, the regular MP3 quality - usually between 128kbps and 224kbps - doesn't quite cut it. CDs can sound much better of course, but are often impractical and not as portable as a digital file like FLAC or MP3.

FLAC is the best sounding of the compressed formats, but doesn't work on everyone's MP3 player, computer or phone. That's where MP3-320 comes in, which is about as good as that format can sound. So if you're looking to upgrade or just haven't got the album yet, now's your chance for some higher quality audio in your progressive rock.

Followup Album in the Works

*01/06/13 - Gravity Tree is working on the followup album to Ultimate Backward. As yet untitled, the new album will include the previously released web single Building, and more brand new progressive rock from the group.
Progress on the album will be updated on the band's information site at, or at the official band site:

Ultimate Backward

Ultimate Backward download

*09/15/12 -Ultimate Backward is on sale. Download the whole album for just $7 (usd), from our friends over at The sale is for a limited time...

Dead is now Hi-Res

*10/12/11 - A Special Edition of our song Conversing with the Dead is now available.

Conversing with the Dead artwork The newly remastered song is available as a higher resolution download in several formats including FLAC, AAC, and even Ogg Vorbis. Depending on your format choice, you can enjoy the song at up to 24bit / 48k, or just get a better-than-online-music-shop fidelity MP3 at 320bps.

This is our first offering of a song at a quality similar to what you'd hear if we had you over to our studio, and queued up our master for you.

Originally appearing on Ultimate Backward, Conversing with the Dead is a punk-flavored progressive piece of noise. You can hear the song at full-length at its BandCamp page.

We'll Trade You

*06/11/11 - The song is Wait, an instrumental from the album "Ultimate Backward". And we're making a trade for it. Fill in your email address on the linked page, or in the box to the left, and we'll give you "Wait" for free.

Just sign up at this link to get it (and our latest updates):

You'll also get infrequent email updates from us, and more free stuff as the year progresses. Cancel anytime and keep the song. Stay with us, get more free music, updates and goodies. Your choice.

In case you're checking us out for the first time, here's some perspective: Others have compared our sound to King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Rush, Glass Hammer, Procol Harum, and the Flower Kings. Does that sound as messed up to you as it does to us? Draw your own conclusions, with a free song.

btw Wait won't stay free forever, so if you're interested, grab it soon.

Motion Sickness...
the missing song from Gravity Tree

*05/08/11 - Now on MySpace, the missing song from Gravity Tree: Motion Sickness.

It fell between the MySpace cracks for many months, misplaced and overlooked.

Ending Ultimate Backward in CD form and never ready for airplay, it is at last available for full-length stream or download.

From its teetering, oscillating vocals to its ripping organ solo, it is a piece of progressive rock madness that deserves its title; certainly not for those with a weak constitution.

Hear it now:

...and thanks for listening...

Aim to Please, Wait Web Pages

*02/24/11 - We always thought it would be cool if select Gravity Tree songs had their own websites. Thanks to, now they do. You can find dedicated web pages for Ultimate Backward songs Aim to Please and Wait on Here are the links:

Aim to Please:


You'll also find links to our pages on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, plus a brief bio, and lyrics for the song. We'll be adding more info to the pages, as well as working to post more songs on

Aim to Please on

*12/28/10 -Beginning this week (the last week of December), you'll be able to hear Aim to Please by tuning in to web radio

Aiiradio is a web site/station that serves up a lot of tasty independent progressive music (as well as a bit of comedy). We've been giving it a listen of late and liked what we heard, so we were pretty excited when they approached us to put our songs in rotation.

Aim to Please is the first song of ours to be featured on, but we're sure it won't be the last, and we hope to have more songs from Ultimate Backward included in their prog rock programming. They also have a chatroom and forums, as well as the live streaming. Make sure you tune in and check out all the cool prog rock tuneage...head over to their site for all the details.

"WAIT" available again on "A Very Progressive Christmas Vol.1"

*11/23/10 -A Very Progressive Christmas Vol.1, featuring a remastered version of the ULTIMATE BACKWARD song "Wait", is available once more for the holiday season, from Melodic Revolution Records.

Wait is available for download as part of the complete compilation album, or as a single in several formats, including hi-rez FLAC (audiophiles take note: this FLAC download sounds as close to our original master as we've heard yet).

Ultimate Backward downloads from Zune

*08/09/10 - Zune is now carrying all Gravity Tree albums and songs. We have a shortened url for our Ultimate Backward page there:

Downloads from our album Ultimate Backward can be found here.

Or, just type Gravity Tree in the search box at:

They now have all 23 songs we've released online.


Ultimate Backward on iLike and

*06/17/10 - You can now find the 2nd Gravity Tree album, Ultimate Backward, on both iLike and The page allows streaming of individual songs, with a link to Amazon if you want to buy the album. iLike lets you hear clips of each song, and offers song or album downloads, too. (You'll need to be signed up with iLike to buy, but there's also a link to buy from iTunes. Not sure what all that business is about, but at least you have options!)

iLike         lastfm

Still available as CD or download from CDBaby

the new prog rock CD from Gravity Tree    Buy Now

Song "WAIT" remastered for "A Very Progressive Christmas"

*12/09/09 - The Gravity Tree instrumental "WAIT", which appears on the album "Ultimate Backward", has been included on the Melodic Revolution Records release, "A Very Progressive Christmas". The song was remastered especially for the new holiday album, and is also available as a single download in FLAC or OGG formats.




Gravity Tree now at work on the followup CD
to Ultimate Backward.

Here's a link to the 1st new song
from the forthcoming album

Make sure to check back soon for updates...

Building (Web Mix) latest single

















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